Local body artist helps design horror-themed escape room

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PHOENIX – Careful where you move because somebody, or some thing, maybe watching. One of the valley’s newest escape rooms will send shivers down your spine.

Eludesions Escape Rooms called on local body artist Brandon McGill to help create the aesthetic for the room.

“I’ve never seen an escape room that approached horror, but has also mixed creative art together in the same space,” said Brandon McGill, a local body artist.

The room named “The Painter’s Collection” is Eludesion’s most difficult room.

Brandon created original paintings for the escape room, most lining the hallway (CLUE), with a feature picture hiding a secret room.

“Originally it started out as a seven deadly sins-type project but over time it morphed into this little girl trapped inside the canvas and your job is to escape the curse,” said McGill.

“As the game evolved and grew we made sure to still involve and incorporate the portraits as an integral part of the storyline, an integral part of the game the game,” said Charlotte Conover, COO, Eludesions Escape Rooms.

There are no physical, standard keys in the entire escape room (CLUE). So what might not look like a key might actually be something that helps you unlock a puzzle.

“This room only has one lock in the entire room and the rest happens by magic,” said Conover.

“I want people to be surprised and delighted and maybe even walk away from the experience going, ‘I never even expected to be able to solve that puzzle,’” said McGill.

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