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It’s not every day you find a nearly ten-foot-tall quartz crystal that weighs more than ten thousand pounds. A crystal of this size would be a centerpiece of anybody’s collection, but it’s just a small piece of this Cave Creek Gallery.

“Two things you need to do when you come to Arizona that are the most important: to see the Grand Canyon and Rare Earth Gallery,” said Wayne Helfand, Owner of Rare Earth Gallery in Cave Creek, Ariz. “If you’re not impressed with what you see in the gallery, I will buy you lunch every day for the rest of the year.”

A strong claim, but after walking through Rare Earth Gallery in cave creek… Helfand won’t be buying anybody lunch anytime soon, and it’s not hard to see why.

Greeting customers when they walk in are two symmetrical amethyst crystals, at eye level. surrounded by a showroom of crystals and rocks, making for an intimidating first impression.

Owner Wayne Helfand started his career mining for opal at 19 years old.

“I found this rock and I opened it up and it had all this color in it and I thought, ‘This is a rock?’ said Helfand. “It had all these beautiful colors. It’s just sparkling.”

That sparked an obsession, and eventually a career. After decades of collecting, Helfand brought his enormous collection to Cave Creek, a collection that includes quartz, copper, and fossils dating back millions of years.

Helfand travels the world looking for unique finds and admits that he buys quickly because he’s not sure if he’ll see a particular rock or crystal again.

Rare Earth Gallery sells crystals for a little as a few dollars, to large household centerpieces costing tens of thousands of dollars. Helfand says although he runs a business, his goal was always to share these natural treasures with the public.

“It’s not so much the selling or the business of this place. It’s the actual being able to share some of these beautiful things and making people aware of what comes out of the earth,” said Helfand.

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