You can buy a cute knitted sweater for your chicken


PHOENIX – Pet owners love dressing up their dogs or cats in cute costumes and seasonal sweaters – but what about your pet chicken?

Yes, pet chickens. Raising chickens just to eat them later on for dinner is a thing of the past. Now, more and more chickens are being treated as part of the family. As a vital member of the household, you want to make sure your chicken is warm and cozy.

Etsy, a website designed to allow users to sell homemade crafts or vintage items, has a selection of crocheted chicken sweaters available for your feathered friend, and they’re only about $10!

One user known as AnimalFunandFashion has a variety of pet apparel to choose from – including multiple sweaters for chickens. There are multiple colors to choose from to match your chicken’s personality such as yellow, orange, pink, and purple. There are also sizes available from extra small to large.

Even celebrities are known to own pet chicks and post about them on their social media accounts. Jennifer Garner shared a video of her moving her chickens on “moving day” and even sitting with them in the back of a truck.

Among all of the chicken sweater hype, there are many warnings about how chicken sweaters can affect the animal and if they are safe for them to wear. It seems that the best reason for your chicken to wear a sweater is if they are sick or have lost a majority of their feathers. Since the animal’s feathers are how they stay warm, these sweaters could help regulate their body temperature in this instance.

Be sure to check in on how to wash and care for the sweater if you are going to put in on your chicken. There’s nothing worse than an unhappy chick running at you. Talk about a nightmare.

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