You can buy a cooler that fits 85 cans of beer


Courtesy: Igloo

PHOENIX – Want an cooler that can fit 85 White Claw cans? What about 85 cans of beer or soda? What if it came with a built-in beer tap?

Thanks to Igloo, this exists now!

It’s called the Kegmate Jockey Box Cooler that is the perfect tailgate and beach accessory. It is basically a huge cooler that even a beer tap, and coil to pour from your keg.

“All you need to do is connect a CO2 tank, a regulator, and a standard keg to the back of the cooler before filling the inside with ice and serving up ice cold tap beer of your favorite variety.”

It costs about $400, and if you attend a lot of tailgates, after a while, it could pay for itself! If you want one, you can buy it HERE.

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