World’s Most Stressful Jobs


Any job can be stressful, but some jobs may be a little more stressful than others.

A job search website called CareerCast, examined 200 professions to compare different jobs and stress levels. In their latest report, the website found many jobs have high-stress levels, but shared two characteristics of stress, such as the presence of stress is always existent and high stress is unpredictable.

The report discovered 11 factors that come with the most stressful jobs including, travel, deadlines, working in the public’s eye, competitiveness, and even environmental conditions. 

Does this sound like any of your jobs? Is your job stressing you out? 

Take a look to see if your job is on the top 10 most stressful job list: 

10. Taxi Driver

9. Senior Corporate Executive

8.  Public Relations Executive

7. Broadcaster

6.  Reporter

5.  Event Coordinator

4. Police Officer

3.  Airline Pilot

2. Firefighter

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

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