‘Wonderspaces’ First Ever Arizona Art Show


Opening this weekend at Scottsdale Fashion Square is a popular interactive art exhibit presented by Wonderspaces. 

The highly anticipated grand opening will be held April 5th debuting their first ever show in Arizona titled ‘Point of View’. 

If your unfamiliar with Wonderspaces, here’s a little background information about the company. 

Founded back in 2016, Wonderspaces launched its enterprise by partnering with various artists to showcase their work. Their goal was to connect with new audiences by presenting interactive art shows. 

Wonderspaces, slowly began to gain popularity in 2017 after a series of successful pop-up events in San Diego. 

Their typical set up consists of traveling to major cities across the country hosting art shows that span over a three-month period. 

But what makes this location in Arizona so special?

This Scottsdale Fashion Square location marks Wonderspaces first ever permanent location!

The former 16,000 square foot Harkins movie theater was the perfect venue for company due to its easy access, acoustic isolation walls, and 18-foot ceilings.

Completely transforming the space, the new Wonderspaces venue will include numerous galleries to walk through and even a bar.

What can you expect from the show?

Lasting on average 90 minutes, visitors are free to explore as long as they like during the hours of operation. 

Tickets for the upcoming show are already on sale with numerous time slots available. All tickets must be directly purchased through Wonderspaces

Prices currently range from $12.00 to $24.00 with only debit or credit cards accepted for purchases.

The ‘Point of View’ show will cover themes centered around power, time, reality and religion. 

Artwork displayed will be cultivated from 13 famous artists from around the world.  

One installation that you may be familiar with is Submergence by Squidsoup. The UK-based art collective debuted their, “Oceans of Light: Submergence” exhibit at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art back in 2017. 

If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, go to Wonderspaces Arizona website for more info. 

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