Who’s Hungry for an Edible LEGO Burger?


Playing with Legos is fun, but what about eating them?

For all you Lego lovers, Brick Burger is a themed restaurant that serves burgers that looks just like the famous building-block toy.


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The restaurant serves 10 different burgers called “brick burgers,” where the buns look just like the colorful lego blocks. The burgers are named after some of the characters from 2014’s The Lego Movie. There’s “Emmet,” which is the restaurant’s standard burger, and “Darth Burger” that is drizzled in BBQ sauce. And you can’t forget about “Wyldstyle,” which is a spicy nacho burger.

But make sure you save room for dessert because the restaurant offers “brick desserts.” The brick dessert is an edible brick that looks and tastes like a wafer cookie, which includes vanillia and chocolate oreo ice cream, topped with a mini lego figure. 


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The restaurant is also decorated with the Lego theme in mind. Customers can even play with Legos while they wait for their food.

When customers visit, they could even score their very own Lego set to take home. The Lord Business Challenge is a food eating challenge where a player must eat a triple patty burger and fries within three minutes or less. THe winner can take a home a Lego set worth thousands. 

This place sounds too good to be true! The downside is, this burger joint is only located in the Phillippines, but could possibly expand internationally in the future.

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