Trader Joe’s has Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s Ice Cream for a limited time


Neapolitan ice cream? Yes, please.

PHOENIX – If you’re a Trader Joe’s regular then you’re probably obsessed with their Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s but get ready to stock up because they just released an ice cream version for the summer.

If you’re not familiar, the famous cookie is created with strawberry cream pressed between a chocolate and a vanilla wafer to create the perfect triad sweet.

According to a blog post on Instagram, the new ice cream flavor, priced at $2.99 a pint, is made with vanilla and strawberry ice cream and has fudge and cookie pieces swirled in. Now we’re just wondering why this wasn’t invented sooner?

So let’s all cater to our sweet tooth and head over to Trader Joe’s to stock up on one or two, maybe even three pints because Joe’s doesn’t disappoint.

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