There is a vodka made from ingredients found at Chernobyl’s exclusion zone


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PHOENIX – The last thing on my mind when thinking about the dreaded nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl is drinking vodka, but some cheeky scientists said otherwise.

This is not a prank, there is actually a bottle of Vodka created by ATOMIK distillery that is made from the grains in the exclusion zone.

According to their website, a group of Ukrainian and UK scientists has been studying the transfer of radioactivity to crops both in the main Exclusion Zone (CEZ) and in the Narodychi District within the Zone of Obligatory Resettlement, where land can’t officially be used for agriculture, but people still live.

They also say that there are many parts of the area where it could be used to grow crops that are safe to eat.

Due to the distillation of fermented grains, it will leave the heavier elements in the waste product. This will ensure that the product is clean and “radioactively pure,” as said on their website.

Currently, there is only one bottle that has been produced but they plan to make more in the future and it will be for a good cause too.

ATOMIK will donate 75% of their profits in sales to supporting communities in the affected areas and wildlife conservation.

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