Study found that dog owners prefer dog kisses over their partner’s kisses


I mean, duh.

PHOENIX- Have you ever found yourself lost in love and cuddles with your fur baby? Because same.

Well, Riley Organics, organic dog treat company, gets us.

“Riley’s believes dogs love us unconditionally and we were curious how much love we (as dog parents) give back to our pups!” Brittany Joyal, senior account executive at SHIFT Communications, said.

Most people give their puppies affections with snuggles, hugs and even kisses.

Riley Organics asked dog owners across the country to gauge exactly how much love they’re giving to their fur babies. And the results were well… surprising.

“Unsurprisingly, 61 percent of respondents revealed that they kiss their dog on the mouth as a sign of affection,” Joyal said.

But wait, it gets better.

Over HALF of the respondents, exactly 52 percent, admitted to kissing their dog more than their significant other.

“And – don’t expect to snuggle either,” Joyal said. “52 percent of respondents also prefer to sleep in bed with their dog versus their partner.”

In addition to the lovey dovey facts about the study, the results also showed most all the respondents (94 percent) said they’d rather have a relaxing night in with their pooch than a night out in the town with their friends.

I mean, I stand by that. No shame. Why go out when you can get constant, unconditional love from a furry baby?

Exhibit 1923804 of how dogs are really your best friends for life.

Respondents also admitted to spending more money and/ or time celebrating their pup’s birthday than their own. And I think it’s safe to say that is no surprise.

So what have we learned?

Dogs are, and will always be, No. one is our eyes (and our partners will be No. 2).

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