Study found hot coffee has more antioxidants than cold brew coffee


Hot brew coffee vs. cold brew coffee- Antioxidant edition

PHOENIX- Are you a hot coffee drinker or do you prefer a tall cup a cold brew?

Before you make your decision, you might want to know a little bit more about the two gloriously caffeinated beverages.

A recent study looked at the differences between hot coffee and cold brew and found that although cold brew is less acidic than your normal cup of Joe, hot coffee actually contains more antioxidants than cold brew.

Antioxidants work in your body as a defense force. They protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. All in all, they are said to help boost your body’s overall health.

On the contrary, consumption of coffee has been known to be a controversial topic. Some believe coffee correlates to indigestion, heartburn and gastrointestinal symptoms while others have found no correlation to those health risks.

Now for cold brew, that is another story. Very little research has been done to analyze cold brew and how it affects the body. Most people just agree that it is good because it wakes us up.

I agree.

Moral of the story, coffee is good.

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