Scientists’ Name Newest Aura After Your Best Bro


An enlightening discovery over the night sky has a surprisingly low key name. A group of citizen Scientists in Canada discovered a dazzling new aura and named it ‘Steve’, like your best high school bro.. only in this case, Steve is short for  strong thermal emission velocity enhancement. A name that makes total sense, and wasn’t just a young scientist trying to salute his friend.

Scientists confirmed the discovery. What makes Steve so flippin’ cool is that it occurs at much lower latitudes than most of the Northern Lights.

Steve can be identified by his distinct purple band with green picket-fence-like accents. Fancy.

A NASA-funded project called “Aurorasaurus” is asking skywatchers to help report Steve sightings. They’re hoping the more information they gather about his habits helps them get to know him better.

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