Riverdale: Where We Left Off


Can you say DRAAAAAMA?! Let’s refresh with where all our characters left off at the end of season one. 

Archie Andrews
A duet with Veronica sparked their relationship into a blazing fire! Though, how do they tell Betty? For now, Archie has bigger problems. He just witnessed his dad, Fred, get shot at Pop’s Diner by a masked robber.

Jughead Jones
He finally earned his ‘S’ in the form of a Southside Serpent Jacket for staying loyal to his dad, who stayed loyal to the Serpents. A Southside family agreed to foster Jughead while he attends Southside High. Jughead also dating Betty. 

Veronica Lodge
Despite a free fall in trust for her parents, V is enjoying her newfound relationship with Archie but is afraid to tell bestie Betty about the romance. 

Cheryl Blossom
After finding out her father, Clifford Blossom, was behind Jason’s murder and a drug ring in Riverdale, she went off the deep end, burning her massive home to the ground. Borderline crazy Cheryl is a total wildcard now. 

Betty Cooper
Everything seemed to be back to “normal” in the Cooper household. Betty is not convinced that everything in Riverdale is fine, and writes a scathing article about the adults in town. After her parents refuse to publish the article in the Riverdale Register, Betty publishes it in the school newspaper, potentially putting a target on her back. She is also dating Jughead. After the article, “Go to hell, Serpent slut” was written on her locker in pig’s blood. 

Hermoine Lodge
Hermoine has put herself in a position of power at the construction site as she preps for the return of her husband, Hiram Lodge. She fired the Serpent crew, hiring a new set of workers. Don’t forget her secret partnership with Mayor McCoy. 

F.P. Jones
Wrongfully locked up for a murder he didn’t commit, he’s tucked behind bars now as Sheriff Keller is hounding him for information about who was selling Clifford Blossom’s drugs, hoping he will rat out the Serpents. F.P.’s time in jail could depend on how long Sheriff Keller wants to keep him locked up. 

Fred Andrews
Shot by a masked robber. Bleeding in Pop’s Diner with son Archie nearby. 

Riverdale season two premieres Wednesday, October 11, at 7 p.m.

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