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PHOENIX – General producer of the Nintendo Switch Yoshiaki Koizumi revealed to the world from his coat pocket in the trailer the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Unlike its big brother, the Lite version has its differences that make deciding to purchase a challenge.

The Good

One difference from its big brother is that the Lite version has on the left side a traditional D-pad which is absent on the regular Switch. This is good for traditional players that want the classic experience of moving their player around in older games.

The power behind the Lite version is rumored to be very similar to the processor of the regular Switch and battery life is also suppose to be better than the flagship model.

The Lite version seems to be slimmer too, so taking this with you on the go will be easier than the norm.

The Bad

The Nintendo Switch Lite wont be able to connect to your TV unlike the flagship. This is due to the Lite version being more marketed as a dedicated handheld device.

The other major difference is that the Lite has a uni-body design and the controllers do not separate from the body. Nintendo wants to make it much easier to let you travel with this and I can see this as a deal breaker for some people.

If you’re really a fan of the flagships Joy-Cons, then i have bad news. Since the controllers cant be separated from the unit, that means the IR Motion Camera and the rumble features are absent.

You technically can play motion control games on the Lite, you’ll just need separate Joy-Cons. The Lite version wont limit your playing options though as you can play their flagship games like Super Mario Odyssey and Smash Bros. Just make sure it supports handheld mode.

With all the differences in mind, the Nintendo Switch Lite will be releasing Sept. 20 and for more information on if you’re looking to grab one, click HERE.

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