McDonald’s self-serve machine comes with a glitch


Phoenix – With new technology taking over in all different parts of the world, there are bound to be glitches in the system. This was true for McDonald’s self-serve machine which gave an Australian friend group 11 free burgers. 

Spoiler alert: It was actually only 1 free burger and 10 pattyless burgers, aka just ketchup and pickles in between a bun.

The guys posted a video of them ordering their burgers, with play-by-play on how exactly they saved a buck.

First, they selected the dollar hamburger option and added 10 hamburgers to their cart.

“We’ll have ten of these and we’ll customize them, so we don’t want a regular beef patty so that takes $1.10 off our order, off the dollar hamburger,” the guy behind the camera added. 

By taking $1.10 off of the dollar hamburger, it results in a balance of negative 10 cents (and a lot of food wasted). Once you repeat that 10 times, as the group of boys did, you end up with 10 pattyless burgers in your cart and one regular, free burger. 

“When you get to this screen, you’ll find that all the pattyless burgers have $1.10 taken off of them so they’re all -$.10 and there’s a regular burger which is just a buck, leaving the total at $0,” the guy explained. 

While this isn’t the most efficient way to get something for free, it is an entertaining way to save 4 quarters. As long as you don’t mind all of the food you wasted, of course.

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