Fact Checking these 7 Dumb Arizona Laws

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Rumor or reality? We’re fact-checking laws in Arizona to see if some of the crazy sounding laws that once applied in the wild west are still enforced today.

1. Is it illegal to wear suspenders in Nogales, Ariz.? Nope. You can wear suspenders in Nogales.

2. Is it illegal to hunt camels in Arizona? Yes. The U.S. Army brought camels to Arizona’s desert at one point and eventually set them free. When people tried to hunt or capture them the government put this strange law into place to protect them and made it illegal to hunt these animals.

3. Is it illegal for a woman to have more than 5 roommates of the same sex? No, but it used to be. This law was created to stop brothels from forming in neighborhoods. However, in college and universities, there are sorority houses, so this law has been repealed.

4. Is it illegal for adults who are missing teeth to smile? No, but it was at one point. This law was once enforced in Tombstone, Ariz., and made it illegal for any adult over the age of 18, who was missing more than 1 tooth, to smile.

5. Is it illegal to ride a horse up the stairs of the Prescott County Courthouse? Yes. This law still exists today.

6. Does wearing a red mask while committing a crime lead to felony charges? No.

7. Do business owners have to give people who aren’t customers a free glass of water? No. Contrary to popular belief, businesses are not required to give people water.

Source dumblaws.com

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