‘It’s a Scam’ the new podcast for skeptics by skeptics

It's a Scam Podcast

PHOENIX- Are you a skeptic in need of something to listen to? Boy, do we have a solution for you! Listen to It’s a Scam our podcast for skeptics by a skeptic, Chloe Mar. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

It all started with Chloe’s natural born skepticism and her strong opinions about store-bought almond milk but, we’ll save it for the podcast. Combine her skepticism with the rest of the Your Phoenix CW team’s skepticism and It’s a Scam was born. 

What can you expect to hear? Chloe and a rotating host will debate the validity of anything from alien abduction insurance (yes, that exists) to mini pigs. Plus, Chloe will share listener submitted scams every episode. If you’ve ever sent a large sum of money to a non-existent prince in Nigeria, fallen victim to a fake Craigslist ad or just have a hot take on any given topic, we want to hear it! Email your scam to news@yourphx.com.

New episodes post every Thursday so clear your schedule and prepare your ears for It’s a Scam. 

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