Is Hidden Ranch getting their own Pop-Tart?


Courtesy: Twitter/PopTartsUS

PHOENIX – Some enjoy ranch on their pizza, others want it in their… Pop-Tart? In a revolting tweet posted last week, a Twitter user tagged Pop-Tarts and Hidden Valley Ranch together on a picture of a ranch dressing-flavored Pop Tart.

The conversation debating the decision to make the barfy breakfast snack immediately heated up.

Hidden Valley Ranch joined in on the Twitter conversation to collaborate with the Kellogg’s-made breakfast pastry days after the original post.

The ranch company asks Pop-Tarts to “have some fun and give the people what they want”.

Thankfully, PopTartsUS swiftly responded with a much-desired decline to the request:

What do you think? Would you try Hidden Ranch Pop-Tarts or no?

An Instagram page that features bizarre and gut-wrenching breakfast food flavors was the first to present the idea of a ranch-flavored Pop-Tart. The account, Poptartaday, features a wide range of nasty flavors including “croc-tarts”:

Chicken McNugget-flavored Yoplait yogurt:

It even includes a Jimmy Dean parody breakfast sandwich made with watermelon:

While new flavors are always exciting, all we can do now is hope that this one won’t make it to store shelves.

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