Internet Challenge has Teens Sleeping in Ikea Stores

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Ahhh Ikea… The place we all seem to have our fair share of memories playing games like hide-and-seek and house amongst all the furniture that you only wished you had in your house. Ikea is making headlines for their part in 2018’s latest internet challenge.

Now when most people think of Ikea challenges, they think of the challenge to accurately put together that overly complicated bed frame they just bought, but that’s not the case here. Teens are challenging each other to spend 24 hours inside the furniture warehouse without getting caught.

The challenge trend first got exposure back in 2016 after Bakuna Fatata, Belgian YouTubers, filmed themselves taking on this Ikea challenge for themselves. The challenge has since lead to a number of fans taking it on.

U.K. Police addressed what teens are calling the “24 hour challenge” after an 11-year-old was reported missing while taking part in the online craze. The challenge “encourages members of the public, particularly youngsters, to hide and build forts in large stores and warehouses overnight, before sneaking out the next morning,” U.K. Police said in a statement.

Ikea also issued a statement expressing their appreciation for people wanting to “create fun experiences” with them, but ultimately urged people not to partake in the challenge due to all of the potentially “catastrophic” hazards that could take place, as well as the potential increase in “large-scale searches” and missing persons reports.

As fun as it sounds, we think we’ll leave our Ikea-related challenges to the overly-complicated assembling of furniture, like the adults we are.

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