If humans gave birth in space, babies would have giant, alien-shaped heads


PHOENIX- Space travel is the end goal for humans and to expand out into the universe, living on distant planets. But one problem we face is procreating in space.

First, the zero gravity environment is the main kicker as on our home world as Earths gravity plays a major role for the birthing process.

One of the scary things about zero gravity birth is one, its never been done before and two, the deterioration of bone density.

Astronauts that return form their space adventures lose about 1-2% of their bone density every moth spent in space. This means that the pelvis could fracture while giving birth which is no good.

According to evolutionary biologist at Rice University, Scott Soloman, states that there could be a reliance on C-sections for childbirth for people living in space.

The baby’s head is restricted in size due to the mothers’ birth canal, but with future generations of space moms having C-sections, they wouldn’t have their child be constricted and possibly end up with larger heads.

If we expect to fly freely in space, we have to bring ideas of universe expansion back down to Earth.

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