Google Says Arizonans Want Lemon Meringue Pie on National Pi Day


Yesterday was National Pi Day and everyone had a great excuse to go indulge on one of the sweetest, homiest desserts around. Pie!

To get in the spirit Google tweeted on Thursday a map of the U-S and revealed which pie in each state had the most google searches. 

In Arizona, it seemed most people enjoy the tangy goodness of lemon meringue pie. Can we be blamed? It is delicious. 

Despite the love Arizonans have for this pie, no other states chose this as their favorite. Their loss! More for us! 

Pi Day stems from the mathematical constant represented by the Greek letter π that is approximately equal to 3.14159…. you get the point. Since the number begins with three, one, and four, we celebrate it on Mar. 14. In summary, it is a day where you either eat a lot of pie or share funny math memes with friends. Or you can do both… we don’t judge. 

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