Ditch the water, pour your plant a cup of coffee


Gardeners encourage watering (some) plants with coffee

PHOENIX- If you’ve ever had a plant baby, you know the struggle that comes with keeping them alive. Did I water her too much? Is she getting enough sunlight? Does she like where she is living right now?

You get the point.

Believer it or not, coffee can be used to water plants!

According to a “houseplant tips” piece from The Spruce, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind when watering your plants with your favorite liquid drug.

Watering houseplants with coffee can be tricky. If you try to water indoor houseplants with coffee, it is important to keep a close eye on them. There is a fine line of too much acidity for your little plant baby. If the foliage starts to turn yellow or the tips of the leaves start to turn brown, that could mean there is too much acidity in the soil.

Gardeners advised you to dilute your coffee with water before using it to water your plants. And never, ever, ever add coffee if there is any milk, cream, sugar, flavoring, etc.

It takes a certain kind of plant to respond well to this form of watering, specifically ones that prefer a more acidic soil. Plants such as dieffenbachia, Phaleonopsis orchids, Norfolk island pines, African violets and impatiens tend to thrive when watered with coffee.

As for outdoor plants, most acid-loving babies can survive being watered periodically with cold coffee. Pine trees, shrubs, lupine, Siberian iris, rhododendrons and azaleas are examples of outdoor plants that like the caffeine.

Coffee grounds can also benefit your little plant babies in a few ways. Apparently, when the grounds are put into a compost pile or added directly to the garden, it can increase the acidity level of the soil which can positively affect acid-loving plants like blueberries and azaleas. Grounds can also be sprinkled over the ground around the specific plants to serve as a fertilizer.

Now, knowing what you know now, would you give your babies coffee or water?

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