Disney has a new rain collection just for adults


Tut, tut, it looks like rain

Courtesy: Shop Disney

PHOENIX – Disney’s new rain collection has us wishing monsoon season would come already.

The entertainment franchise created a new line of rain gear available for adults. In the collection, there are rain jackets, ponchos and umbrellas all decorated in different Disney-inspired patterns.

Some might say the worst day in Disney is a rainy day, but with these adorable items, you’ll hope your vacation is a wet one. Or, wear them every day, even when you’re not in a Disney park. Like we said, July is monsoon time in Arizona.

You can eat your Disney snacks and wear them too. The items are covered in Mickey pretzels, a caramel apple, a classic teacup, a Tiki Room bird, and more.  To match, you can also pick-up a doughnut umbrella, complete with frosted Mickey ears.

Courtesy: Shop Disney

Or dive fully into the Tiki Room with this raincoat inspired by our favorite bird choir. Yes, there is a matching umbrella too!

Courtesy: Shop Disney

The ponchos are perfect for duos! They come in Mickey and Minnie styles and of course, have an umbrella for each character as well. What is a jacket without a matching umbrella?! As far as Disney is concerned, nothing.

Courtesy: Shop Disney

Some of the items are sold out so be on the look-out for a restock soon.

Plus, since it will most likely not rain every day (even if we want it to), Shop Disney has a vast collection of clothing, accessories, pins, purses, and so much more for you to choose from.

Put down the glass slipper and pick up your laptop, you have some browsing to do.

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