Converse has color-changing shoes when you step into the sun


Courtesy: Converse

PHOENIX – It is a good thing Arizona has plenty of sun! These new color-changing shoes are white in the shade and turn into bright, vibrant colors when brought into the sun.

The collaboration is between the popular shoe company Converse and Chinatown Market, a fashion label geared towards New York City-inspired apparel.

With the use of UV lights, the shoe appears white when indoors or in the shade and quickly turns to a rainbow of blues, pinks and oranges when brought into direct sunlight. Chinatown Market shared this video of the transformation on their Instagram account.

According to Converse’s website, the shoes will be on sale starting Aug. 2 at 10 a.m. EST. If you visit the website and click on the promotion, you can sign up to join a newsletter that will inform customers when the limited edition shoes become available.

The shoes appear to be available in both low top and high top Converse styles. It is not clear what sizes the shoe will be offered in or how much it will retail for. However, based on other limited edition shoes sold on the website, customers can expect to drop about $100 on the UV footwear and see sizes from a men’s 3-13 and women’s 5-15.

Even with scorching temperatures outside, these shoes may just be the motivation you need to leave the house.

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