Candy Corn voted least favorite Halloween candy


PHOENIX – The candy that signifies Halloween itself, was voted the worst Haloween candy in a new survey by

This survey was the ultimate survey. With much debate about what are the best and worst Halloween candies, compiled data from 12 lists of best and worst candies that were published on reputable websites. They even added in data from their own customer surveys.

Here are the other lists they used to collect their data:

After all of the data was collected, here’s the final list of best and worst Halloween candies:

1Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Candy Corn
2Snickers Circus Peanuts
3Twix Peanut Butter Kisses
4Kit Kat Wax Coke Bottles
5M&Ms Necco Wafers
6NerdsTootsie Rolls
7Butterfinger Smarties
8Sour Patch Kids Licorice
9Skittles Good & Plenty
10Hershey BarBit-O-Honey

Candy corn beat out Circus Peanuts for the worst Halloween candy, and in my opinion, there is nothing worse than Circus Peanuts.

Before stocking up for candies to pass out on Halloween night, make sure you’re loading up on all the right candy.

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