Baskin Robbins’ Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos Officially Hit Shelves This Week


We all scream for cookies

Getty Images: Justin Sullivan

PHOENIX – As an Oreo connoisseur of every flavor and lover of Baskin Robbins, this almost seems too good to be true.

Baskin Robbins and Oreo have come together to bring you a new Oreo flavor, and it’s brilliant. Based off Baskin Robbin’s famous Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, this Oreo will surely fly off the shelves when they head to stores this week!

This new Oreo flavor apparently isn’t like their regular mint Oreo flavor with a splash of chocolate chips. The flavor has been described as tasting just like the ice cream itself with the creamy notes from the ice cream and the fresh sensation of the cool mint taste.

They are limited edition Oreo’s, so they might go away and be gone forever, so make sure to grab some before they’re gone.

You bet your sweet dollar I’m on my way right now to Safeway to see if I can find these cookies.

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