A new study has found that 28 percent of delivery drivers eat your food


PHOENIX – A new study by US Foods found that over half of food delivery drivers are tempted to eat your food and over a quarter of them actually do.

As the average person has two food delivery apps on their devices and uses them about three times a month, you’d like to think that your food is safe in the hands of the person bringing you your meal.

US Foods asked delivery drivers is they have ever taken food from and order and 28 percent of people responded with yes.

They also asked if they have been tempted by the smell of food they deliver, and 54 percent of people answered yes.

This obviously raises concerns for those who use delivery services. 21 percent of customers has suspected a deliverer of taking food.

They asked customers, on a scale of 1 out of 10 how upset would they be if a deliverer ate a few fries from their meal their meal and the average answer was 8.4.

85 percent of customers feel that restaurants should use tamper-evident labels to address the issue.

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