5 Random Pool Floats You Can Find on Amazon

Pickle Floa

Temperatures are already hitting the high 90’s and 100’s (typical Arizona) so let’s just stay focused on the positives like these ridiculous pool floats you can find on Amazon

1. Whose idea was this? This 36-inch pickle float will cost you just $5. According to the reviews, it’s surprisingly a HUGE hit. The real question is. . .is it a dill pickle or a gherkin? 

2. You’ll be swimming in money with this float. Plus, it’s reversible so more bang for your buck. Eighteen bucks to be exact because that’s how much this float will cost you. One side is a $100 bill and the other is a $1 bill. The seller guarantees it’ll last longer than any “typical” $100 bill. 

3. Go ahead, throw your iPhone in the pool. Your iPhone pool float, that is. This one’s 5.5 feet long, costs just $20 and comes with a patch kit in case you get any holes. Best part — there’s no need to make an appointment at the Apple Store!

4. I don’t know what kind of pool parties you’re attending but mine typically don’t include office supplies. Still, you can get this 6 foot “Sharpie” float for just $13. Maybe it could come in handy for a work-related party?

5. If you’re the kind of person to forget SPF and fry in the sun, you might as well be lying on a fried piece of meat. This bacon float is a bit pricey at $30, but it is 7.5 feet long. Please don’t forget to invite me to your bacon-themed party. Thanks!

Don’t get too distracted by your new crazy pool float when you hit the pool this summer. Remember to always keep an eye on your kiddos around water. Here’s some tips to keep your friends and family safe. 

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