10 ways to ruin a relationship according to millennials


PHOENIX – Millennials seem to be at fault for a lot of things being ruined and the most recent item on this list is relationships.

According to Your Tango, there are 10 ways millennials can ruin relationships:

  1. “Not Being Woke Enough” – meaning not knowing about social issues
  2. Smoking – because kissing an ashtray isn’t tasty
  3. Political parties – everyone is super sensitive about politics right now
  4. Having bad credit or in a lot of debt
  5. “Being ignored on social media”
  6. “They’re still on dating apps while in a relationship”– you can see where this sparks a fire
  7. Not able to communicate
  8. Too much “screen time”
  9. Unmotivated
  10. “Ghosting/breadcrumbing” – also known as disappearing

Are these things just a sign of the times or are millennials really to blame?

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