This Killer Whale Can Talk


A team of international researchers have taught a female orca named “Wikie” how to talk.

Wikie can say “hello”, “bye bye”, “Amy” and the list keeps on growing. Scientists say she can learn all sorts of words because she knows how to mimic her trainer’s voice. The skill is a complete mystery to them. Not even primates, which are close to humans, can imitate human speech.

If you listen to the clip, sometimes Wikie’s interpretation sounds a little more like fart noises, but cut her some slack! The 14-year-old orca uses her blowhole to make noise. It’s almost like speaking out of your nose, according to researchers. 

Wikie’s 3-year-old calf named Moana also knows how to talk but is not as skilled. The two live at the Marineland Aquarium in France.

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