‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ releases first teaser trailer with Schwarzenegger and Hamilton


PHOENIX — The Terminator said he would be back… and he is! 

The franchise has released a teaser trailer for their sixth installment of the series. 

Not only is Arnold Schwarzenegger back but so is Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the first two movies. 

This sequel reportedly takes place right after the second film, despite it being the sixth release. 

The trailer begins with two new characters,  Grace (Mackenzie Davis) and Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), fighting off a Terminator (Gabriel Luna). The new Terminator seems to have some skills we have not seen before and the two girls are joined by Connor who subsequently blows up the Terminator

Grace is a Terminator, though she says to Connor she is human, and is protecting Ramos (Déjà vu). 

We do get a glimpse of Schwarzenegger in the trailer when he opens the door to his forest cabin sporting a gray beard. 

Original director and writer James Cameron is returning to produce alongside director Tim Miller, best known for his directing of Deadpool

Terminator: Dark Fate will hit theaters Nov. 1. 

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