Spotify Premium Subscribers Can Now Get Hulu for Free

PHOENIX - If you have a Spotify Premium account -- this may be a deal for you! 

Spotify is offering a new bundle to both new and existing Premium subscribers. 

That's right -- your $9.99 per month Premium subscription can also include access to all Hulu TV shows and movies through Hulu's ad-supported plan ($5.99 per month separately) ,if you choose quickly!

Here's how it works. 

If you're a current Spotify subscriber, you can activate the Hulu bundle or link your existing Hulu account on Spotify's Your Services page. 

New Spotify Premium users can sign up for a free 30-day trial that includes Hulu. 

Then you're all set to watch all the TV and movies you please on supported devices or Hulu.com.

The deal only lasts for those who opt-in before June 10. 

The deal does not apply to Spotify Family subscribers and is only available for those with individual Spotify Premium subscriptions. 

Hulu upgrades are not available with this bundle. 

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