Kim Kardashian gives a tour of her California mansion, and draws confusion on bathroom sinks

kim- k-sink_1555627895105.jpg

PHOENIX- After Kim Kardashian gave a tour of her California mansion earlier this week, what was inside her home has got everyone talking. With the extensive hallways, gorgeous garden, and huge kitchen, got everyone on Twitter quick to comment with how bare and lack of furniture the home has. 

But one item in her home that people can’t get over is Kim K’s sinks. A lot of people are confused with how the sinks in the star’s home work. The sink looks like a flat surface with a faucet and a tiny little dark spot that people are assuming is the drain. 

There are tons of questions that fans are wanting answered about Kim’s unusual sinks. Where does the water go? Is the tiny dark spot the drain? If there is a drain, how does the water get there? How does this sink even work?

Take a look for yourself. Do think this is a sink or not? 

But not everyone is quick to hate on this “trendy” sink. Look at some of these tweets where people actually find this sink pretty “cool.”

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