Kevin Bacon flagged down by TSA for having a sweet potato


Getty Images: Frederick M Brown

PHOENIX – Apparently Kevin Bacon was flagged down by TSA not for an autograph but because he had a sweet potato in his bag. Definitely not something I would expect especially for a guy with the last name ‘Bacon’.

Bacon went on Jimmy Fallon show to discuss his upcoming new role as a FBI character on City on a Hill.

On the show, Fallon pulled up this Instagram post from Kevin Bacon and asked what this post all about.

Bacon explains on the Fallon show that he had a long flight to LA and he needed a snack, so he saw the sweet potato and took it with him. Question, how would one just snack on a sweet potato?

TSA does allow food on flights including fruits and vegetables, but something shaped like that potato could of been the reason for the pullover.

Sorry Bacon…

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