A search party for Jughead is underway in new season 4 trailer of ‘Riverdale’


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PHOENIX – Riverdale is returning next month and the only question on everyone’s mind is, “where’s Jughead?”

In this new trailer for season four, the core four are back, sort of. The first thing we see is a sear party for Jughead with everyone carrying flashlights around in the forest. That does not sound good. The only thing we can connect this to is the scene from the finale of season three where Betty, Veronica and Archie are seen throwing Jugheads beanie into a fire in the woods. Why is everything always in the woods? Well, wherever Jughead is, it does not seem to be good.

Jughead and Betty are seen throughout the trailer being an adorable couple. Based on this we can probably assume Jughead will not go missing right away and the season will lead up to his disappearance. Betty also seems to be mixed up in some trouble when she gets hit in the back of the head in a parking lot by what appears to be a gun. Ok, yikes.

Archie and Veronica are another ship who appear to be going strong, though Veronica may be mixed up in a scandal.

Amongst all of the crime and mystery, it looks like there will be some school activities going on in this season. There are flashes of football and cheerleader scenes as well as the group making a toast to their senior year! Maybe we will get to see them graduate if Jughead ever returns from wherever he is.

Riverdale season four premieres on Oct. 9 on The CW.

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