You can sit in a coffin at this café


PHOENIX – The Death Awareness Cafe in Thailand lets its customers purchase a drink and then lay in a coffin to reflect.

You heard correctly, a coffin. And we’re not just reflecting on how much money we spend a week on these coffee drinks. Though the idea seems dark (physically and emotionally) the thought behind it is actually quite positive. The cafe aims to have its customers think about life and death and what really matters when we leave this earth.

Veeranut Rojanaprapa is the cafe owner. According to its website, the cafe pulls from Buddhist philosophy and hopes to spread awareness. One of the main takeaways centers around material objects. You can’t take anything with you when you die. This is what Veeranut wants to depict while the customer is closed in an empty coffin for three minutes.

“Our Lord Buddha taught often about death awareness and he said when one thinks and is aware of his death, he will decrease the ‘me’ inside his mind and he will decrease greed and decrease anger,”  Veeranut told CNN Travel.

The cafe is death-themed with mostly black decor besides the pristine white coffin that sits on an elevated platform. Its menu consists of various coffee drinks with their most popular being the four sugary treats called “Born,” “Elder,” “Painful,” and “Death.” However, it does not seem that drinks are allowed in the coffin, so you will have to finish those first.

On the Death Awareness Cafe’s Facebook, they share a variety of what they call “A thought from a coffin.” These are various ideas that come to the coffee drinkers head after they spend time in the coffin. Usually, they revolve around loved ones or their own goals for the future.

ข้อคิดจากโลงศพ…..💀…ชีวิตมีแค่นี้จริงๆ มีความสุขและไม่มีอะไรเป็นของเราจริงๆ สุขแต่พอดี…

Posted by Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The cafe is one-of-a-kind and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. If you need some time to reflect on life and death and all that comes in between, stop by! We hear their drinks are to die for!

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