You can now get tattoo sleeves for your cat


This is metal!

PHOENIX – Cats are a cornerstone of society. Without them, you wouldn’t have anything to love and laugh at when looking at memes. Now it gets better with these tattoo sleeves you can buy for your cat!

Airie McCready, shop owner of SimplySphynx on Etsy, sells thin cloths for your cat that imitate a tattoo sleeve they can wear for fun. If tattoos aren’t your thing, SimplySphynx also sells different cloths for your feline companion like these tiger shirts or a bandana.

This is the perfect accessory to give your cat the edgy look it’s been asking for. The best part about this is if you don’t want your cats to have the tats, unlike that tattoo you got and now regret, you can just take them off.

It seems the cloths work best with hairless cats, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying it for all types of felines. The tattoo sleeve costume ranges from $20-40. Pick one up and impress your friends with your cat’s tats.

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