Where’s the best hiking spots in Arizona?


Camelback Mountain and the Grand Canyon park provide remarkable views.

Travel in Grand Canyon, man Hiker with backpack enjoying view, USA

Camelback mountain takes the cake when it comes to best hiking locations not only in the valley but in the state of Arizona.

This is the highest peak in Phoenix reaching 2,704 feet and could be the best view in Phoenix. More than 700,000 people combined hike up Cholla and Echo Canyon trails each year.

Panorama of the Grand Canyon (South Rim) with Sunset Colors Reflecting in the Rocks.

Four hours north you can hike a place that’s bigger than the state of Rhode Island, the Grand Canyon National Park which stretches around 1,212 square miles.

Adventurous Girl at the edge of a cliff is looking at a beautiful landscape view in the Canyon during a vibrant sunset. Taken in Zion National Park, Utah, United States.

According to Grand Canyon National Park, each year about 40,000 people hike and camp in the backcountry, which is mostly below the rim.

Before hitting the trails, make sure you’re prepared with proper clothing, water and shoes.

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