Where do Americans rank in new sexiest nationalities survey


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PHOENIX – In a survey conducted by Big 7 Travel, an audience voted where they thought the sexiest people in the world were located.

The voting came from a sample of 1.5 million people who were not given an exact definition of “sexy” before they voted, leaving room for the audience’s own interpretation.

It is bad news for the Irish but good news for Ukrainians! With this in mind, where do you think the Americans ended up?

America takes spot 45! It could be worse, but it definitely could be better.

The United States has a hugely diverse population, making it hard to pinpoint what an ‘American’ looks like. 

– Big 7 Travel

The report also gives examples of recognizable Americans for the readers to reference such as Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, two stars with very different appearances. Do you agree with the survey?

The top five nationalities that were seen as the “sexiest” are as follows:

  1. Ukrainian
  2. Danish
  3. Filipino
  4. Brazilian
  5. Australian

Those that are ranked even below the Americans are Norwegian, Slovenian, Belgian, Croatian, and Irish coming in last at number 50.

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