The giant avocado pool float you didn’t know you needed


PHOENIX – Your favorite fruit (yes, an avocado is a fruit) is now available as a giant pool float.

It’s summer\time, and that means you can finally enjoy the hot Arizona breeze while lounging on a 5-foot-long inflatable avocado floaty! 

BigMouth Inc. is known for it’s silly “big-grin” products and fun summer items. Scrolling through the company website, you’ll come across a toothbrush pool noodle, a “no drama llama” mug, and even a clock that counts down the seconds until President Trump’s final day as chief of state. 

The float accurately represents the green fruit by including a small removable brown beach ball that resembles the avocado’s pit. 

It’s only available at Bed Bath and Beyond or the company website. You can purchase the fun inflatable here

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