Sedona McDonald’s uses turquoise arches


Is this the Twilight Zone?

Getty Images: Justin Sullivan


We all know who the letter M is most commonly associated with, McDonalds. The distinct golden arches are uniform wherever you go and you know with confidence that you’re in range of some delicious McNuggets. But travel to Sedona, Ariz., and you might have to look again to be sure it’s a Micky D’s.

In Sedona, the McDonalds arches are not golden yellow, but instead a nice calming teal. McDonalds is a huge brand that needs to be recognized wherever you go, but why does Sedona get a pass?

Due to the mountainous terrain Sedona is, the red rock surrounding the area is gorgeous to look at and a great location for photo ops. Sedona wants to make sure the area is beautiful wherever you look. When the McDonalds was being built in 1993, city officials fought against the yellow ruining their color aesthetic.  

So, they made it teal!

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