Meet Arizona's Hedgehog Matchmaker

She's finding hedgies' forever homes


You can find adorable videos of hedgehogs all over the internet. While the little balls of thorns are super cute, they also have massive personalities.

On top of this, some people don't realize the commitment a hedgehog requires before adopting the small but mighty pet. This is where Tamra Rothenburger, head of the non-profit Hedgehog Mafia, steps in. 

Tamra is the "hedgehog matchmaker" of Arizona. She's been rescuing sugar gliders since 2010. Six years later, Tamra started rescuing hedgehogs when they became legal to own as pets. Since then, Tamra's found over thirty "hedgies" a forever home.

How does she do it? Through a meticulous application process. Tamra requires interested owners to be interviewed. Her goal is to match the potential owner's personality and lifestyle with a hedgehog that suits those factors. 

Interested in finding your hedgehog soulmate? You can view available hedgehogs and the application online

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