If you pick up a book instead of a phone, how many books could you read in a year?



PHOENIX – It seems like everyone these days spend so much of their time on their phones. Whether it be for socializing, work, or just when you’re bored, people love phones. But what would happen if every time you went to reach for your phone, you picked up a book instead?

There’s actually a calculator that has the answer.

It’s called the Omni Calculator and it can calculate how many books a year you would read if you picked up a book instead of your phone.

It does this by asking a series of questions:

How often do you…

  • Check your social media?
  • Read books and relax?
  • Work and save money for epic stuff?
  • Get fit and burn those calories?

You get the idea.

For the first question, you go in-depth:

  • I visit social media…
  • I usually spend…
  • Time wasted…

For ‘I visit social media’, put in how many times you roughly check it a day. For example, we put 100 times a day with 7 minutes spent on the phone each time.

  • Time wasted… 11.7 hours a day
  • The average book has… 240 pages
  • The average page has 250 words

With this logic, you could read 852 books a year! If we all picked up a book instead of being on social media, things in this world could be so different.

Check out the site for yourself and break down how you spend your time. Let us know what happens!

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