If you live in London, you can request an Italian granny to come cook dinner


 PHOENIX — Not everyone is lucky enough to have an Italian grandma, but that won’t keep us from trying. A new dine-in experience allows you to order an Italian “nonna” to come make you a meal in the comfort of your own home.

An Italian brewing company called Birra Moretti is currently offering a food delivery service called “Deliver-A-Nonna”. The service allows for customers living in London and Brighton, UK to book a grandmother to cook a three-course meal in front of them.

The granny will provide ingredients, recipes and utensils needed to prepare the meals, and she will arrive in a little Moretti branded automobile to “cook up a storm” for you and your guests.

There are 6 different recipes to choose from, and they will be cooked by a select few of Italy’s most knowledgeable cooks, according to the Birra Moretti’s promo video.

Nonna’s recipes include a gnocchi dish, tomato and pepper bruschetta, garlic focaccia and other classic Italian mouthwatering meals.

The brewing company decided to do the promotion to encourage others to bring more friends and family around the table for a meal in 2019.

Not just anybody can qualify for this offer, though. Applicants must be 18 or older, own the appropriate kitchen facilities and allow pictures and video to be taken of their kitchen space and guests.

The foodie experience is only available until July 7th, and you can sign up here.

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