Arizona University offers cheer and dance athletic scholarships

Taking pressure off students to focus on studies

PHOENIX - Wouldn't it be great to get paid for an activity you enjoy and receive an education?

"It’s awesome to give them an opportunity like this in collegiate dance and cheer, even [their] parents are surprised when they hear about it and I think it gives them another option", said Ottawa University Cheer Coach, Melanie Nemerguth.

Nemerguth only received $200 in scholarships when she attended college in Missouri. Fortunately, every student on the dance team and cheer team she coaches receives an athletic scholarship that's more than half their tuition.  

"I was super blessed and honored and it was really great because cause dance is something that’s really hard to get a scholarship for so I was very excited", said Ashley Smith of Ottawa cheer.

Since the age of 3,  Ottawa cheerleader Tremayne Sutherland has had a passion for gymnastics.

"When I first started I didn’t know much, by coming to this school with my coach I learned different techniques, different things to do and improved upon on my skills, said Sutherland.

Ottawa University has 618 of students on campus in Surprise – their cheer team roots on the D-1 school’s football, volleyball and basketball teams. Next year the Spirit will travel to games.

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