Arby’s makes a carrot out of meat


Even their vegetables have the meats!

While the newest trend of making meat alternatives out of vegetables continues to grow in chain restaurants, Arby’s is taking a different approach.

The fast food place is known for their roast beef sandwiches and do not plan to venture away from their meat-loving ways anytime soon. Instead, they created the “marrot”.

This a carrot-shaped piece of turkey. The turkey breast is cut to look like a carrot and then cooked and seasoned with a carrot marinade and maple syrup flavoring. Those who have tried the “marrot” say it actually does resemble a carrot in both taste and appearance.

The “marrot” is the first “megatable” to be created for the franchise. Arby’s has not said yet if they will be selling the food item in stores yet.

Check out this video to see how they made it.

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