Mookie Betts Has Best Reaction in a Live Game Interview


Ever wonder what goes through players' heads during baseball games? Luckily for us, one player was mic’d up and doing an interview while he was in the outfield.

Mookie Betts, right fielder for the Boston Red Sox, was doing an interview with ESPN while he was in the game.

During the top of the third with two outs left, Kris Bryant with the Chicago Cubs hit a fly ball in Betts' direction. This prompted Betts to stop answering the question and run to the ball, but while running he proceeded to tell the announcers, “Uh oh. I ain’t getting this one boys.” Making the entire ESPN booth crack up in laughter, with one announcer reacting by saying, "Get on your horse" and, “Don’t miss the cut off.”

Twitter users loved this in-game interview and the live reaction Betts gave to getting the fly ball. Some of those on Twitter even said they would love to see live in-game interviews more often.

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