Retirement Saving Tips

Saving and Investing to Help You Retire Comfortably

Quick tips on how to fill the nest before retirement!

Looking to retire but worried about having the funds to do it? Well, you may want to contemplate some money saving options considering the Insured Retirement Institute recently released a study that fewer than one in four baby boomers believe they’ll have enough money to support their lifestyles throughout retirement. According to Time, potential retirees can follow four steps to help them prepare when they are older. First, make a critical push to save money. It sounds simple, but putting aside $500 dollars a month for five years could save you a significant amount of money. Second, be smart with your investments and put together stock and bond funds that will give you the most return. You may also want to consider working for a few more years to earn some extra income before retiring. Lastly, consider some lifestyle changes like downsizing on a house to save money or relocating to an area with a lower cost of living. Happy retirement saving!


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