Quick 6 Must-Ask Questions Before Accepting a Sales Job

The Essentials to Know Ahead of Starting the Job

The 6 must-ask questions before accepting a sales job.

You are getting ready to accept a new sales job, but there are still some unknowns. Here are the 6 essential questions to ask before accepting the job offer.

1. What Is the Ramp-up Period for New Sales Reps?
Ask about the length of formal training and onboarding processes, how soon new reps go out in the field to close sales, and when you can expect to see the fruits of your labor.

2. What Characteristics Do Your Best Sales Reps Possess?
Asking about the qualities of the sales team will give you insight into what the company values, and will help you decide if you’re a good fit in terms of skills and personality. If you already possess the qualities needed to be successful with the employer, you’re more likely to enjoy the position and excel in the role without too much extra effort and training.

3. What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Your Sales Team?
The answer to this question may change when you’re actually on the job, but it’s important to know what obstacles to expect before you start. Understanding challenges before accepting an offer can help you better prepare and address them if you do take the job.

4. How Do You Reward High-performers?
Recognition can actually be a better motivator than pay raises and bonuses, a survey of more than 850 U.S. employees conducted by Kronos Incorporated this past February found. Among those who had received a pay raise, 40 percent said it only motivated them for six months or less, and 30 percent said the raise only boosted their motivation and feelings of appreciation for a month or less.

5. What Is Your Management Style?
When asking this question, pay attention to how the manager answers the question. Does he take the question seriously? Does he try to give a thorough answer? The interviewer’s tone and body language will tell you more than his words with this question, so pay close attention.

6. What Do You Expect From Employees the First 6 Months?
Asking this question will give you a deeper understanding of the position and what the employer is looking for. Is the job all about making quota or do they want to add new ideas and a fresh perspective to the team? Is there a specific project or client the employer expects the new hire to tackle?

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