Final Four: By the Numbers

Huge Turnout and Record-Setting Social Media

The final numbers on last weekend's
final four are in, and Arizona should feel pretty good about the turnout.

The total attendance for the championship and semifinal games was 153,780, the second most attended final two sessions in NCAA history. 9.6 million live streams happened during the Final Four, the most ever. 135,000 fans attended the March Madness Music Festival, that forced entrances to close for overcrowding two nights in a row. More than 29,000 hours were volunteered, 6.2 million minutes were read by participating kids in a child literacy drive, and 3,075 kids bounced their way through the streets of downtown during the Final Four Dribble. With huge numbers like these, Phoenix’s name will be in the hat to host to 2023 NCAA tournament, the bids will be underway in the summer.

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